Basic Water Safety & Saves for Mermaids

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Instructor: Aurelia the Deep Blue Mermaid-AnnaClapper

Prerequisites: Participants must be 12+ yrs of age and able to complete the following swim test
(1) Swim 25 yards on the surface of the water (unassisted)
(2) Tread water using only their legs for 2 minutes
Students will provide their own tails and monofins for this course.
Length: 1 Hour
Price: $15

Want to become a better mermaid buddy or feel more confident around others when you’re mermaiding? This one-hour class will familiarize you with in-water organizational practices and basic saves that you can do while in tail to ensure that you and your finned friends stay safe in the water. Ideal for the recreational mermaid enthusiast!

Class includes:
(1) One hour of instruction from Professional Mermaid and Red Cross Instructor, Anna Clapper.
(2) Tips about facility safety and where to swim
(3) Mastering of two assists/in-water saves (both in & out of tail)
(4) Other techniques that can be used to keep you and your buddies safe

Things You’ll Need: (1) Pool day items (swimsuit, towel, goggles, etc.) (2) Drinking water to stay hydrated (3) Mermaid tail & monofin (fabric tails preferred for easy donning and doffing)

For their own safety, and to ensure the safety of other class members, participants must be able to pass the following water competency test: (1) Swim 25 yards on the surface of the water (unassisted) and (2) Tread water using only their legs for 2 minutes

**This course is NOT a certification course. It was specifically developed by Deep Blue Aquatics to introduce participants to basic skills and water safety.**

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