Intro to Working With Silicone (Pour Your Own Silicone Mercessory) – SUNDAY, March 5th

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Instructor: Rebecca Hawk

Length: 1.5 Hours

Ages 12+

In this 90 minute class, students will get to work with every mermaid’s favorite crafting material, Dragonskin silicone! Skills learned will include; mold prep, coloring silicone with powder pigment, casting in pre-made flat molds as well as tips and tricks along the way. A live silicone hand painting demo will be included. (No airbrushing due to fumes.)

Each student will dye, pour, and cast their own dragonskin silicone scale wristband with sea-life accessories to be assembled by the end of class.

You Must Have a Participant Pass to the Convention to Attend this Specialty Programming.
Observer and Vendor passes are not eligible to attend.

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