Course Catalog

Included Programming

The below classes are all included in your participant pass. Preregistration is required for some courses due to limited class sizes. Preregistration will become available on June 15th at 5pm. Register by clicking the link and “buying” the free ticket through our eventbrite sign-up portal.

Note: General programming and swimming are not included with the Observer Pass however you may attend all main stage sessions, all merwrangling classes, and accompany any minors in your care to thier sessions. 

Join panelists from various environmental industries and backgrounds to learn about how to incorporate responsible environmental activism to your mermaiding.

Instructor: Mermaid Izriella
Pre-Registration Required
1 hour

Intro to Mermaiding for Adults is a beginners class that teaches the basic dolphin kick form to assist in efficient and graceful swimming through the water in a mermaid tail and monofin. In addition to this we will also go over general practices used by the Circus Siren Pod on how to surface, hold and breath while swimming to avoid any choking upon surfacing or panic in the event of sinus flooding.

Instructor: Merman Isura
1 hour

One of the most beautiful things about being a merman/mermaid of color is the empowerment that comes from very rich cultures.

With love for mermaids/mermaiding, there is an internal struggle. We all know Ariel is an icon and before her, Daryl Hannah. These characters created such a magic onscreen that it was hypnotizing. However, it was also problematic.

Whether we want to admit it…. Through these wonderful movies, a smokescreen swarmed around us and created a narrative that has contributed to a falser idea: who can be a mermaid and who can’t.

Where do our ethnic mers fit in? Today, ethnic mermaids and mermen are stifled and lost within this life long conundrum and never bothered to investigate. Achieving understanding is imperative. The magic of mermaids is global and that limitless magic is harnessed through understanding. This creates an accepting and more diverse mermaid community.

Greek mythology is easily accessible and the popular rhetoric so its an understandable go to. However, this class aims to take the time to flesh out the ethnic mersona by understanding history and the wealth of abundant mermaid folklore associated with it. Mermaids are real but they can’t be if we are continuing to perpetuate a cycle created to wash away our individuality as mermaids and mermen.

Instructor: Mermaid Katja
Prerequisite: Strong independent swimmer
1 Hour

Learn how to approach creating choreography for use in performance by drilling mermaid skills and connecting them into larger sequences and performance pieces. 

Returning favorite Philo Barnhart discusses his work on Disney’s 1989 animated classic “The Little Mermaid” 

Instructor: Leigh Targaryen
Children’s Programming
Pre-registration Required
1 Hour

Leigh Targaryen will lead children of all ages in an undersea adventure through the use of movement. music, games, and storytelling. Children that wish to participate in this panel should come dressed comfortably to move around.

Join Merfolk from all walks of life for a discussion on the trials, tribulations, and challenges facing the mermaid community today as we all strive to create a more inclusive world. 

Instructor: Michelle Mozdzen
– Able to swim 100 yards without stopping
– Attendees should bring cap, goggles, towel, and a swim suit they feel comfortable moving in.

Refine your dolphin kick, the most fundamental swimming technique for all mermaids! Learn how to perfect your underwater undulation to move gracefully and efficiently through the water.

Instructor: FightGuy Photography

Are you interested in taking pictures or getting pictures taken of you? There’s a complicated dynamic between photographer and model and it can be very confusing to navigate. We can help! Skip some of the trial and error that comes with learning a new skill set by learning from our skills!
We’ll spend time talking about how to set up a shot, how to give and take direction, and the best practices for setting up a shoot.

Instructor: Mermaid Chè Monique

Join the Society of Fat Mermaids for a Live Recording of their Podcast, “Fat Mermaids Make Waves.”

Fat Mermaids Make Waves is a panel discussion by Society of Fat Mermaids, recorded for the podcast of the same title. We will have panelists that are plus size merfolk of different backgrounds to discuss their journeys in the findustry. The panel will discuss practical matters like tail fit and buoyancy. It will also talk about things such as fitting in and finding your pod as well as what it’s like to perform as a fat merson.

Instructor: Michelle Mozdzen
– Must be able to swim 100 yards without stopping.
– Attendees should bring goggles and soft blade monofin or tail if desired.

Want to swim your way to abs of steel? Or maybe you are looking to improve your core strength? I will briefly cover proper form and technique (to minimize risk of injury and maximize the range of targeted muscles!) and then we will jump in to a fun, energetic, and undulation-filled workout! My objectives in this class are to
1) give you a great workout! 💪2) teach the basics of proper form to avoid injury;
and 3) give you workout moves that you can take with you and perform at your home pool in tail! 

Due to space constraints and to avoid injury to other participants, class attendees will be limited to using SOFT monofins only or NO monofin. This class is included in your access pass to MerMagic Con and pre-registration for this class is NOT needed!

Instructor: Mermaid Tasha

There are almost as many avenues of mermaiding as there are fish in the sea! Finding your niche is key to a successful mermaid business; come learn what path you should take and the steps needed to get there. What do you or can you offer that other mermaids in your region don’t? What do you want people to think of when they think of your mersona? Finding the balance between what you have to offer and what your community needs is the key to a successful venture. During this session, we’ll go over several different avenues mermaiding can take as well as how you can decide what to focus on and the steps you’ll need to take to get your business plan off the ground.

Here at MerMagic Con, we know that mermaiding can be a viable business and career. Taught by an entrepreneur with a Master of Business Administration degree from Loyola University, this class will help break down how you can achieve your mermaid business dreams.

Instructor: Mermaid Seanna

Spending your days in the water can certainly take a toll on your body! This class will go over best practices for protecting your hair, skin, and eyes before, during, and after your swims. 

Learn tips and tricks for  everything from colored hair to contacts. 

Instructor: Mermaid Charlotte

When something goes wrong with your tail, do you know what to do? Join Mermaid Charlotte as we discuss some the most common tail injuries and how to fix them. This class will demonstrate how to approach and repair common tail injuries, such as:
– attaching or reattaching torn fins
– waist seam splits on silicone tails
– reattaching lost scales
– patching or repairing fabric tails
– working with pigmented silpoxy to repair paint scuffs

It is recommenced (but not mandatory) that you take this course before attending the “Tail Repair Clinic” which follows immediately after and in which you may actively repair your own tail.

Instructor: Michelle Mozdzen

What rights do you have to what you create? And how do you go about protecting them? What’s the difference between a Copyright, a Trademark, and Patent? 

Learn the basics of Intellectual Property rights and registration from IP Lawyer Michelle Mozdzen during this one hour class. 

Instructor: Olive the Alchemist
Prerequisites: Ages 16+

Hosting a mermaid gig is about more than having a costume and showing up on time. Bringing a mersona to life in an immersive way that is consistently believable to children is a unique skill set that you can hone.

This class was custom created after over 10,000 hours of mermaid meet and greet experience. Learn to bring your personal mersona or cosplay persona to life regardless of backstory detail. This seminar focuses on giving you the tools to increase believability, immersion, professionalism, better prepare you to answer kids’ questions, and improve improv skill applicable for any character.  

Join us for aquatic-themed arts and crafts appropriate for all ages and included in your Merling Pass

Instructor: Mermaid Izriella
Pre-Registration Required
1 hour

Intro to Mermaiding for Kids is a beginners class that teaches the basic dolphin kick form to assist in efficient and graceful swimming through the water in a mermaid tail and monofin alongside basic safety for endless fun in fins. 

Freya Accounting is a woman-owned small business accounting firm that specializes in performers and artistic small business finances. 

This lecture will cover the basics of how to set up your business, manage your money, and prepare for tax season with an extensive Q&A to get all your questions answered. 

Kids Programming

Meet and greet with a mermaid! A story of a little mermaid will be read by the mermaid herself. Then those in attendance will have the opportunity to take photos and hang out with a mermaid until the end of the allotted time.

Have a top that isn’t quite “you” anymore? A tail you’ve outgrown? A crown you no longer wear? Are you looking for a new piece for your mersona?
Meet on the main stage for a Mermaid Swap meet! See what treasures other mermaids have brought and make a deal!

Unique, individually owned, previously purchased, second-hand, items only. Absolutely no vending of original products allowed. Maximum 5 items. 

Instructors: Captain Ironman & Quartermaster Silk

When you see those pirates, bouncers and hawkers standing by and announcing a wonderful mermaid performer, do you think “I could do that!” . Come learn from two of the most experienced merwanglers in the country on the how too,when too, and why too’s of the job as well as a lot of our not so secret secrets to make it as pleasant and successful as possible!

Instructors: Captain Ironman & Quartermaster Silk

When you see those pirates, bouncers and hawkers standing by and announcing a wonderful mermaid performer, do you think “I could do that!” . Come learn from two of the most experienced merwanglers in the country on the how too,when too, and why too’s of the job as well as a lot of our not so secret secrets to make it as pleasant and successful as possible!

Instructors: Captain Ironman & Quartermaster Silk

When you see those pirates, bouncers and hawkers standing by and announcing a wonderful mermaid performer, do you think “I could do that!” . Come learn from two of the most experienced merwanglers in the country on the how too,when too, and why too’s of the job as well as a lot of our not so secret secrets to make it as pleasant and successful as possible!

Instructors: Jasmine the Siren & Mermaid Kira

Learn mermaid beauty secrets from the sirens of CSP. Got an underwater shoot planned at the con? Well you don’t want to miss this class! Watch a live makeup demo, learn how to waterproof your looks, get product recommendations, and the secrets of keeping those wigs on during a swim!

Instructor: Mermaid Katja
– Ability to swim independently in a tail without struggling
– Please bring your own tail and/or monofin

Learn how to properly execute a variety of mermaid tricks with a strong focus on proper technique to execute interesting moves in tail

Instructor: Michelle Mozdzen

Everyone knows that as a professional mermaid you should have a contract. But what does that contract need to include and what do you need to watch out for in contracts you sign?

While local regulations will vary, this class will cover the basic concepts and clauses common to performance contracts along with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your paperwork. 

Instructor: Mermaid Charlotte

Never touched a mermaid tail before? Thinking of making your first purchase or upgrading but don’t know which tail to choose? “What’s in a Tail?” is the class for you.

In this class you will learn about the basic anatomy of swimmable mermaid tails, and the differences and similarities of some of the most popular tails on the market. What are the pros and cons of a Spellbound or a Mernation? How stretchy is a Mythic? How stiff is the Fin Fun mono fin? This class answers all your questions impartially and even lets you touch examples of various tails on the market so that you can learn which tail might be right for you.

This panel explores the unique journeys and challenges of non-female mermaids in the industry. Meet these professionals from all levels and corners of the industry as they discus their lives as merfolk. 

Specialty Programming

The below sessions and classes are available at an additional fee to cover materials, processing, and/or advanced instructors. You must have a Participant Pass to attend any of these sessions as well as purchase the specific session ticket. Tickets will become available on June 15th at 5pm EST. 

Instructor: Aurelia the Deep
Blue Mermaid – Anna Clapper
Prerequisites: Please be advised that many skills in this course require kneeling. If you have adaptive needs, please contact Anna directly.
Length: 2 hours
Price: $100

Become a safety siren! 
This course will prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults and children.

Registration for this course includes:
(1) Access to the online classroom via direct link
(2) Two hour instructor-led skills session
(3) Digital copy of certification card (to be delivered upon course completion)

This is a blended learning course including an online portion and an instructor-led classroom skill session. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a digital certificate for Adult and Child First Aid/CPR/AED from the American Red Cross. Certification is valid for two years.

Instructor: Aurelia the Deep Blue Mermaid-AnnaClapper
Prerequisites: Participants must be 12+ yrs of age and able to complete the following swim test
(1) Swim 25 yards on the surface of the water (unassisted)
(2) Tread water using only their legs for 2 minutes
Students will provide their own tails and monofins for this course.
Length: 1 Hour
Price: $15

Want to become a better mermaid buddy or feel more confident around others when you’re mermaiding? This one-hour class will familiarize you with in-water organizational practices and basic saves that you can do while in tail to ensure that you and your finned friends stay safe in the water. Ideal for the recreational mermaid enthusiast!

Class includes:
(1) One hour of instruction from Professional Mermaid and Red Cross Instructor, Anna Clapper.
(2) Tips about facility safety and where to swim
(3) Mastering of two assists/in-water saves (both in & out of tail)
(4) Other techniques that can be used to keep you and your buddies safe

Things You’ll Need: (1) Pool day items (swimsuit, towel, goggles, etc.) (2) Drinking water to stay hydrated (3) Mermaid tail & monofin (fabric tails preferred for easy donning and doffing)

For their own safety, and to ensure the safety of other class members, participants must be able to pass the following water competency test: (1) Swim 25 yards on the surface of the water (unassisted) and (2) Tread water using only their legs for 2 minutes

**This course is NOT a certification course. It was specifically developed by Deep Blue Aquatics to introduce participants to basic skills and water safety.**

Instructor: Felicia with Fins
Length: 1 Hour
Price: $10

This course will cover all the basics of bringing your collection of clips to life and ready to share to all the fish in the sea! Get personalized editing advice based on your set up, learn about the best apps and software to streamline your content creation, and the basics of making your underwater content pop! From clip selection to how and when to post your content, this course will take you through it all!

Instructor: Rebecca Hawk
Length: 1.5 Hours
Price: $15

In this 90 minute, hands on workshop, students will learn the basics of working with different types of clay as well as watch a live mold making demo. Techniques learned in this workshop will include sculpting basics, refining sculpts for flat moldmaking, creating the mold box, as well as tips and tricks along the way. This class DOES NOT cover casting in silicone, this will be covered in the second workshop.

Instructor: Rebecca Hawk
Length: 1.5 Hours
Price: $40

This is the second part of the sculpting and casting workshop series! In this 90 minute class, students will get to work with every mermaid’s favorite crafting material, Dragonskin silicone! Skills learned will include; mold prep, coloring silicone with powder pigment, casting in pre-made flat molds as well as tips and tricks along the way. A live silicone hand painting demo will be included. (No airbrushing due to fumes.)

Each student will dye, pour, and cast their own dragonskin silicone scale wristband with sea-life accessories to be assembled by the end of class. 

Instructor: Aurelia the Deep
Blue Mermaid – Anna Clapper
Prerequisite: 200m swim test (not timed)
Length: 4 hours
Price: $250

Unlock inner power and find inner peace with the PADI Basic Freediver Certification Course! This pool-only certification course is the first step in your freediving journey. You’ll learn proper techniques for breath-hold diving, as well as safe buddy procedures (including LMC and blackout rescues). Upon meeting the performance requirements and completion of the course, you will earn a PADI Basic Freediver certification. 

Includes PADI Freediver eLearning & One, 4hr pool session:
– Learn proper breathing techniques for apnea diving
– Equipment ins and outs
– Static Apnea and Static Safety
– Dynamic Apnea and Dynamic Safety
– LMC and Blackout

Course Performance Requirements:
– 90sec static apnea
– 25m dynamic apnea
– Demonstrate proper buddy procedures
– Demonstrate proper rescue of a simulated blackout diver

Required Equipment:
– Mask
– BiFins (NO MONOFINS) – Snorkel
– Wetsuit
– 3mm or 5mm recommended for static
– 1.5-3mm recommended for dynamic
– Rubberized weight belt
– Hard Weights in 1-2 pound increments

Rental Equipment may be available upon request. Contact Deep Blue Aquatics Directly to discuss.

Instructor: Mermaid Charlotte
Length: 2.5 Hours
Price: $25

Does your tail or top need some love? Bring your fins to this hands-on repair clinic where you will receive a take-home repair kit as well as personal instruction on how to mend your tail, top or other accessory. Mermaid Charlotte will provide a personal consultation for all repairs, big or small, and more minor repairs may be possible during the clinic session under her supervision and guidance.

All tail types are welcome. Your materials fee goes towards in-class materials and covers your take home kit. This kit will include basic supplies for silicone, fabric and hybrid repairs.

Instructor: Felicia with Fins
Length: 1 Hour
Price: $35

Want to upgrade your tiktok? Instagram? Youtube? Attend this workshop led by online mermaid sensation Felicia with Fins!

Share your magical underwater moments! This in-water course offers tips for creating short-form underwater content from coming up with ideas to filming and more! By participating in this course you will walk away with a video to share on social media. We will also cover engagement tips, identifying trends, and brainstorm ways to add your own special twist to all that you create! Jump in to the social current sea-star!

Instructor: Brett Stanley
Length: 75 Minutes
Price: $45

Are you unsure how to get started in underwater photography, or wondering what the best poses are for a stunning mermaid photoshoot? In this seminar Award Winning Underwater Photographer Brett Stanley will outline the best ways to take quality images using affordable equipment, and also cover the best techniques for directing mermaids during the photoshoot. The seminar will include these topics:
– Underwater photography equipment
– The physics of underwater photography
– Lighting
– Preparing for a shoot (Mermaid/photographer)
– Posing guidance
– Safety
– Simple photo-editing