Meet Our 2023 Speakers

Anna Capps is a professional aquatic performer, dive professional, and mermaid safety specialist. Performing as “The Deep Blue Mermaid,” Anna has made appearances at events all across the Southeast. Her company, Deep Blue Aquatics, not only provides exceptional mermaid entertainment, but also offers personalized dive instruction, aquatic safety workshops, and life-saving certification courses. In her spare time, Anna is an active volunteer with Surfrider Florida Keys and a member of the USA Freediving Board of Directors.

Attend Anna’s Sessions:
– Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
-PADI Basic Freediver Certificationrrrr

Mermaid Chè Monique is a DC area based mermaid performer, model and MERtivational speaker. Being a mermaid was a lifelong dream of Chè’s and mermaiding is her way of reminding the world that anything is possible. Chè Monique’s high glam images spread messages of body positivity and defy stereotypes in a fun and celebratory way. Chè creates uplifting and motivational videos found on her YouTube channel. Chè Monique is the founder of Society of Fat Mermaids, a size inclusive clothing line and celebratory community. You can find Mermaid Chè Monique online at

Attend Chè’s Sessions:
– Diversity in Mermaiding
– Fat Mermaids Make Waves

Award Winning Underwater Photographer Brett Stanley is an internationally published artist known for his crisp and clean portraits of people underwater.

This touchstone of the mermaid world teaches underwater photography around the world and is returning to MerMagic Con to offer private underwater photoshoots as well as a new seminar for models and photographers alike. 

Attend Brett’s Sessions:
– Book a Photoshoot
– Underwater Photography for Mermaids

Luna Minuit is a movement artist who uses the aerial arts to tell stories, challenging audiences to reflect on the complexity of human existence. She is also a professional mermaid appearing as a guest performer with Circus Siren Pod. Professionally hailing from both the east coast and the Rocky Mountains, Luna’s career has roots spread throughout the crust of the country. Prior to moving to Richmond, VA, Luna performed as a Professional Company Dancer and Choreographer with Iluminar Aerial (Broomfield, CO) for five seasons. Luna currently coaches and choreographs at SOUL Aerial & Performing Arts in Richmond, where she shares her passion for storytelling as the Aerial Rehearsal Director and Technical Director. As a performer, Luna’s expertise ranges from emotional journeys on Corde Lisse and Fabric to dazzling audiences on Aerial Hoop, Chains, and anything that dangles.

Attend Luna’s Session:
Sweat & Vibe: Pilates of the Caribbean

Anatoliy’s journey of underwater exploration started in 2016. At first, he became a Freediving Instructor and started the freediving community in Chicago. Later, he drew on his background in theater to pursue the mermaiding sport, combining freediving breath hold and swimability with artistic expression. He wanted to bring mermaiding to the level of official sport, so he furthered his professional education to become a PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer. Additionally, Anatoliy has a great passion for underwater photo and videography, which greatly complements his practice of mermaiding.

Attend Anatoliy’s Session:
 – Introduction to Surface and Underwater Mermaid Safety

Yame is a RYT® 200 Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, a YOGABODY® Breathing Coach, a belly dance instructor with over 15 years’ experience, and a professional mermaid for more than 4 years, with the following qualifications:

  • NAUI Mermaid Level 1 Certification
  • NAUI Freediver Certification
  • SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Certification

Yame has a passion for learning, teaching and empowering clients with the tools they need to create peace and joy for themselves, from the inside out.

Attend Yame’s Sessions:
– Yoga for Mermaids Workshop

Mermaid Cetea has been performing as a plus sized mermaid since 2018. She is certified for Scuba with SSI. Discovering how to safely access weight belts as a tool has changed the way she swims for better, and she is excited to bring her knowledge to MMC!

Attend Cetea’s Session:
Weight belt basics

Nicole Zelek is the Founder of innovative dive school SuperDive NYC, where she specializes in mermaiding, scuba diving, and freediving education at all levels. She is also currently the Chairperson for nonprofit organization DIVERS-ity Initiative, where she focuses on shedding light on and reimagining traditional practices in the dive industry to make way for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Learn more by visiting the NAUI booth in the Vendor Hall

Attend Nicole’s Sessions:
– NAUI Mermaid Certification – Level 1
 – Intro to Scuba Diving

Leigh Targaryen is a Maryland based mermaid. Before she grew her tail, she has been a dancer, choreographer, instructor, and costume designer.

Attend Leigh’s Children’s Session:
Dancing in an Octopus’s Garden

Merman Isura, The Natural Merman, is a singer, songwriter and Merman Aquatic performer. It is his goal to educate, helping all to understand that no matter race, gender, preference or etc, we birthed from the sea and are children of Yemaya. Through his efforts, Merman Isura aims to spread positive messages of understanding, ocean conservation and cultural awareness with Yemaya’s blessing.

Attend Kevin’s Sessions:
African, Caribbean, & Indigenous Mermaid history

Becky is a special effects makeup artist and silicone prosthetic sculptor. She graduated from cinema makeup school in Los Angeles and has over 15yrs of costuming and character entertaining experience. Her work has been featured nationwide in a variety of  magazines and media outlets. 

Attend Becky’s Sessions:
– Intro to Working With Silicone (With Take Home Dragonskin Mercessory)
– Silicone Masters Panel

Graceanne Taylor has many skills in water and loves to swim as a mermaid but has a life passion for education. She has been a professional mermaid for 5 years and an informal environmental educator for over 10 years. Graceanne studied marine science at a vocational high school and went on to receive a bachelors of science in marine science from Stony brook University. Through the lens of her mermaid performance, she strives to empower people and mers alike to use education as a tool to help our planet.

Attend Graceanne‘s Sessions:
Ocean Trivia Game

Mermaid Charlotte has been an aquatic performer since 2017. She is a member of the Circus Siren Pod’s elite performance team – the Atlanteans, performing in casinos, at festivals, international venues, and event appearing on magazine covers.

In 2018 she began repairing, altering, and doing general maintenance work for the pods’ tails, eventually branching out on her own to repair tails for mermaids across the country. You can visit Mermaid Charlotte at her booth, The Siren’s Surgeon, in the vendor hall to discuss repairs or alterations to you tail.

Attend Charlotte’s Sessions:
What’s in a Tail
– Intro to Tail Repair
– Tail Repair Clinic (Bring your tail for basic repairs, take-home repair kit included)

Helena the Mermaid is a disabled mermaid with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. She tries to bring more awareness to CMT, wheelchair users and disabilities.
Helena went to art school and now uses her talent to create earrings, necklaces, crowns, and other mer-cessories that can even be customized to look like your mersona! In addition to her accessory business, she performs alongside Circus siren pod and performs annually at blackbeard pirate festival and waterfest. You can find stories and articles about Helena in the HNF, YAHOO LIFE, the isle of thanet news, waterway guide, news on the neck, and more.

Attend Helena’s Sessions:
– Diversity and Representation in Mermaiding

Tranquil Ashes, representing Black Mer May Day, is a multi-talented artist who has distinguished herself as a make-up artist, body painter, organizer, and cosplayer with sewing and armor building skills. Tranquil brings a unique set of skills and experiences from growing up in Baltimore to spending several years in Japan. She is a champion of body-positivism, creator of brave geek spaces such as the CosGala, Black MerMay Day and all around magical muse.
Attend Tranquil Ashes’s Session:
– MerMakeup for All shades of the Lagoon

In just short of 2 two years Merman Andy has professionally performed in over 5 countries, won the International Competition, King and Queen of the Seas, become an Official Mertailor Ambassador as well as the first Merman on the Official PADI Mermaid Team. Alongside PADI, Merman Andy works to preserve and reforest kelp forests in and around Southern California. Merman Andy is also the co-owner of Merfolk Media a new content creating company based in Southern California that has worked for some of this biggest Mer-people in the industry, two short films, and The California Mermaid Convention.

Attend Andy’s Session:
Content Creation with Merman Andy

Meadow Perry is a magician, bubble artist and actress who creates breathtakingly beautiful magic out of thin air. Discover true wonder as this sorceress of soap bubbles takes the rules of bubbles outside the box and takes you on an elegant journey exploring the soapy secrets that bubbles hold. Her internationally acclaimed show, “Bubble Magic” combines skillful bubble artistry, magic, music and theatre to create a unique experience for her audience.
Meadow Perry has performed for top companies like Amazon and Paramount and has been a featured performer for The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Society of American Magicians International Assembly, Washington Magic, The Boston Magic Lab, Philadelphia’s Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater and the World Famous Magic Castle. Meadow has reached over 18 million on TikTok with over 330k followers.

Attend Meadow’s Session:
Bubble U
– Bubble Magic Show

Izriella began mermaiding in Aquariums in 2016 and quickly joined the Circus Siren Pod the following year, becoming one of the original Atlantians and debuting at Harrah’s casino. Possessing a breath hold of over 3 minutes, both freediving and lifeguarding certifications, this siren of the deep specializes in bringing her unique dark etheral underwater grace to captivate audiences at PARF, CRF, and WV Renaissance Fairs, earning her the nickname “The Abyssal Siren”. After 2 years perfecting her underwater performance she now teaches “Intro to Mermaiding” for both kids and adults at the largest mermaiding convention in the world. An avid CHOW convention attendee Izriella’s future endeavors are set on focusing her efforts on marine conservation, protection, and education to our coastal homes in the years to come.

Attend Izriella’s Session:
– Intro to Mermaiding for Adults

Eagle Scout, Licensed Boat Captain, former community theater actor, pirate re-enactor  and most importantly Head MerWrangler for CSP, Capt. Randy Ironman is one of the leads for the Operations Team at MMC.

Attend Randy’s Sessions:
Merwrangling 101
– Merwrangling 201

Founder and Owner of MerMagic Con, Morgana is also the creator of the Circus Siren Pod, a world renown team of international mermaid performers. 

Morgana began mermaiding in 2012 as an additional skill to add to her robust portfolio of circus arts. By 2015 her mermaiding bookings surpassed those of her primary art form, aerial dance, and became her new focus. In 2016 Morgana founded the Circus Siren Pod, the mermaid arm of her company Circus Siren Entertainment. 

Morgana has installed annual tank shows in Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, with more sates coming in 2023. A recognized expert in the budding field of Mermaid Tanks, she also teaches an online seminar on how to create an manage a mobile tank show. 

Today Morgana’s work is featured across the globe in articles from the Washington Post, CNN, and Voice of America in addition to her company’s and live events. 

(Morgana is available for press interviews. Please email to schedule)

Attend Morgana’s Session:
– Mermaid Mentoring Coffee Q&A

Silk has been a  merwrangler, ringmaster, barker, and fabricator to the Circus Siren Pod since it was founded: taking care of the most splediferos icthiosapiens ever. Since the beginning he was a the creator of many of the custom apparatus that made many of the gigs possible and a great deal easier to setup and breakdown, happily adjusting to the high standards that have made the Circus Siren Pod the go to for mermaids, circus acts and more. 


Silk’s work can be found throughout the country in the custom rolling tank stands he created for the pod, and the pirate himself can be found still protecting the mermaids of the pod to this day. 

Attend Silk’s Sessions:
Merwrangling 101
– Merwrangling 201
– Merwrangling 301

Collaborators Justin Lutsky and the team at Creatwell Underwater have combined forces to develop SUBMERGE: A unique set of underwater modeling experiences offered year round in diverse and unique aquatic environments. From our themed studio pool sets, to the untamed beauty of the Florida Springs, and the grandeur of warm tropical ocean waters, we’ll take you on a submersive modeling adventure unlike any other.

Attend Submerge Underwater’s Sessions:
– Submerge Underwater Modeling Workshop

Michelle is at home in the water, and has been swimming competitively for 24 years. She actively competes in United States Masters Swimming, holding 26 top ten individual national times. When she’s not racing, Michelle enjoys sharing her love of the water as a professional mermaid, performing at events with Circus Siren Pod, at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, and at conventions, corporate events, and private entertainment events. In 2019-2020, she was crowned Miss Mermaid Texas, and is the reigning Miss Mermaid Arizona.

On land, Michelle is an attorney at May, Potenza, Baran and Gillespie, P.C. and focuses her practice in the areas of intellectual property, mergers & acquisitions, technology, cyber law & litigation. She earned her law degree in 2010 from the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies. She also volunteers on the Board of Directors for Racing Home Greyhound Adoption, helping to place retired Greyhounds with their forever families.

Attend Michelle’s  Sessions:
– Fin Fitness
– Dolphin Kick Technique Clinic