Designed with Parents and Merwranglers in mind!
This Observer Pass allows for admission to the vendor hall, main stage programming, and pool deck but does NOT allow the observer to other attend classes, panels, specialty programs, or swim in the pool.

However, as we want to encourage safety practices: Any observer-pass chaperone of a merling-pass child may accompany that child to their classes and in the pool. And any observer-pass holder may attend all of the MerWrangling classes.

You may upgrade your observer pass to the participant pass at registration. Simply let the staff know you wish to upgrade your pass when you check in and they will process your transaction for only the difference in price, payable by credit or debit card. 

Yes! Absolutely all attendees must have a ticket in order to attend. Our Guppy tickets are free to those 3yrs old and under. Merling tickets are for children ages 4-12. All attendees over 12years old must have an Observer or Participant pass.

Your Participant, Observer, or Merling pass is valid for BOTH Saturday and Sunday. You will need to keep your wrist band on the entire time to allow for re-entry. 

Specialty Classes or other special events like “Professional Development Day” or the Gala require a separate ticket. 

Passes Must Be Worn at ALL Times at All Convention Events. At MerMagic Con everyone is subject to the same safety policies regardless of appearance or roll. MerMagic has a non-recognition policy that applies to everyone equally, including attendees, speakers, guests, sponsors and media. A valid event pass, be it wrist band, ticket, hand stamp or other established pass type must be worn at all times and presented to staff or security personnel upon request. Our staff is not allowed to make exceptions to this policy. 

If you do not have your wrist band, ticket, hand stamp or other established pass type you will be re-directed to senior staff to locate your ticket in our electronic system and reissue your pass. 

If you purchase a pass to the convention it includes all days. MerMagic Con does not have single day passes available in advance. However, on occasion, if capacity was not reached on Saturday management may make the decision to release single-day passes for Sunday. This decision is made Saturday night and there is no guarantee that  single-day passes for Sunday will be made available. 

Every year Mermaid Vlogs hosts a red carpet livestream to show off all the fashion and fabulousness of the MerMagic Con Gala to mermaid enthusiasts around the world. This livestream is open to all attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis. Simply check in at the end of the red carpet and the assistant director will make sure you’re in line. 

The livestream typically goes on for 90 minutes starting at 8pm. However, sometimes there is just too much magic to capture! Therefore, while the Mermaid Vlogs team may extend the livestream to accommodate as many mers as possible, they reserve the right to end the livestream at any time.

No! Anyone 21 and up can attend the gala by purchasing at ticket to the gala regardless of whether or not they choose to attend the daytime convention. 

Yes! Our staff uses a stamp to mark gala attendees that have already checked in and wish to leave and re-enter the space. This practice allows attendees to store their ID in their room after check in or even change their outfits throughout the evening.
If you choose to leave the Gala space at anytime, please ensure you stop at the Gala registration table to receive your stamp and show it to our door personnel for quick and easy re-entry. You do not need to be stamped if you are not returning. 

Please note that the stamp can go on any legally-exposed portion of skin at the attendee’s placement request, so as to accommodate personal and outfit preferences.

Most classes and activities at the convention do not require any pre-registration to attend with your convention participant pass. These classes are marked in Green on the Schedule. 

However, due to limited class sizes and/or safety standards, some classes require pre-registration or even an additional ticket.  Classes marked in Yellow are included in the participant pass but you need to pre-register by “purchasing” the free ticket from the ticket portal. Classes marked in red require an additional “Specialty Class” ticket to be purchased. 

You MUST have a participant pass to attend classes. 

Every year MerMagic Con invites notable photographers from around the country to offer photoshoots above and below the surface. 

In order to allow everyone an equal opportunity to book with these artists, photoshoot bookings from all photographers are made available simultaneously, with the date and time advertised in advance on our social media. Details on the packages offered and instructions on how to book are available on the Photography page. 

As these artists are each independent vendors, all booking and any agreements on pricing and delivery of images you make with the photographer are exclusively between you and the photographer.

MerMagic Con can not overrule or alter these agreements. 

While the recommendations and precautions continue to change as the pandemic develops, MerMagic Con remains stedfast in their commitment to making this an event for ALL mermaids, including those who are immunocompromised as are many on the production team. Therefore, the 2023 event will only be held if the government, venues and organizers all believe it can be done so safely.

As a privately owned business the convention reserves the right to institute safety measures above and beyond government requirements which may include proof of vaccination, proof of negative PCR test, wearing of face masks, or other safety precautions.   

Failure to follow any and all convention safety guidelines, including COVID-19 regulations, may result in removal from the event without refund and/or a ban from future events. 

This page will be updated as the situation develops. Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates. 


Yes! Tickets are transferrable to other attendees but not to future years/events.

You may resell your tickets to someone else at any time prior to check in. 

In order to have your tickets transferred email the convention at MerMagicCon@gmail.com, using the email you purchased the tickets with. Please include your original purchase confirmation, as well as the recipient’s full name and email address. Copy the recipient on the email and we will transfer passes as instructed and send you a confirmation. 

MerMagic Con is held annually in the greater Washington D.C. area. 

More information will be available after the 2023 venue is announced. 

Washington D.C. has 3 major airports. Recommendations on air travel will be available after the 2023 venue is announced. 

We endeavor to make traveling to the convention as easy as possible. More information on airport transportation will be available after the 2023 venue is announced.

The MerMagic Con Mingling Group on Facebook is a great place to meet other attendees, ask questions, plan carpools, find hotel roommates, and plan your trip!

Additionally you should follow MerMagic Con on Facebook and Instagram for exciting updates and program announcements. 

Do you want to be a vendor, a speaker, or a sponsor? Visit our Get Involved page to submit an application to be part of the magic. 

Yes! Visit our Press page for more information and follow the instructions on how to request a press pass. 

MerMagic has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment or disruptive behavior of any kind at the convention. By attending you certify you have read the Anti-Harassment Policy and agree to abide by this.