Classes and Activities for All Levels: From Mer-curious to Professional

Mermagic Con Brings together experts from all corners of the mermaid industry. Whether your interests lie in performing, fitness, conservation or modeling. There’s something for every mermaid at MerMagic Con. Here’s a preliminary look at what to expect.

Kids Programming Both In and Out of Water

  • Intro to Mermaiding
  • Free Kids Crafts
  • Meet A Mermaid
  • Story Time
  • Swim With Mermaids
  • Pirate Magician Show
  • Merlympics Swimming Competition
  • Dancing in an Octopus’s Garden
  • Splash Zone Open All Day

Classes For Merfolk of All Level

  • Into to Mermaiding for Adults
  • Make Your Own Silicone Mer-cessory
  • Photoshoots Underwater and on Land
  • Tricks in Tails
  • Merman Panel
  • Diversity Panel
  • Conservation Panel
  • Meet Philo Barnhart
  • Miss Mermaid USA Pageant
  • Creating Your Mersona

Workshops for Industry Professionals

  • Keeping in Character
  • Introduction to basic IP laws
  • Water Safety and Certifications
  • Learn from Industry Experts
  • Hair, Skin and Eye Health
  • Underwater Hair and Makeup
  • Merwrangling 101 – 301
  • Building Your Business Plan
  • Modeling and Photography Workshops

Want to Join the Team?